Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We Have Redesigned One Of Our Websites "Progarment.com".

The challenge of redesigning a website was a very big decision for us. My partner and I have had many challenges in the last three years, and naturally this was one of the hardest things we had to put together in the quickest amount of time. We wanted the website to be quite functional, simple, and appeal to both men and woman. Progarment.com is a work apparel, uniform, casual dress, and image wear website. We worked with a web designer that listened to what we wanted and then designed "The Dream Website" for us. We are still putting our products in new catagories and adding newer high resolution pictures than we had before to our site. I am also, trying out new companies for our organic SEO submission. I would like other website owners input as far as great companies regarding organic SEO, both positive and not so positive experiences. There is so much to consider these days when you are changing or rebuilding a website and we have made decisions that we will have to live with. We are building a field of dreams that we hope will bring new customer's to http://www.progarment.com and keep the customer's that we already have. We are alway's looking to add new wonderful brands of work apparel to our website brands. Quality is so important to our customer's and we want to keep them happy with the great quality product line that they expect and the great service we have always given. That is why we have added more staff to give the best service we can. We have added another embroidery machine and added another embroidery tech too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

To Our Customers New & Old

Hey guys,
If your looking for professional medical apparel we have the brands to outfit any team. We are still a top supplier of Fashion Seal products to the Michigan medical community. So why not come by and choose from our huge selection of scrubs and lab coats. Each of our products can be embroidered with your name or even your company logo. We do all of our embroidery in house and will always email you a proof of your logo to guarantee it meets your standards. Because that is our business.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Your Opinion Matters

Hey guys,
Both ProGarment & ProGarmentUSA now have a customer review section available. We definitely want to hear what you guys are thinking about our products so we have added this feature to both websites to allow you, our most valued customers, the chance to let us know what you think about a product.
We have always said great things about the Fashion Seal 499 or the Carhartt J131 now we are opening the mic up for your thoughts. So if you've purchased a lab coat, a scrub set, a polo shirt, a work jacket or anything else feel free to go back and write up a quick review. Alright, we're looking forward to your feedback, it definitely means the world to us.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Saying Goodbye....

No we are NOT closing our doors. I'm sorry if I scared you guys. We're just preparing to say goodbye to our "Summer Sale". We are going to keep saving you money on every lab coat, scrub top or bottom that we offer, but the summer has about wrapped up so we will be taking down our long running %10 offer soon. If your interested in saving on great lab coats or medical apparel please take advantage while the sale is still on going.

In other news our sister site ProGarment is doing well and providing teams with great uniform apparel. We've just added some great new Red Kap uniform & outer wear jackets to our already fantastic work wear line up. So if your trying to get your teams geared up for the fall & winter weather come on by and the guys at ProGarnmet will definitely take great care of you.

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Meta X-STATIC Lab Coat

ProGarmentUSA is proud to release the new "Meta X-STATIC Labcoat".

There has been some speculation to the level of safety a lab coat can really provide. This coat closes the door on those arguments by continuously reducing bacteria on the garment. That is protection for the usable life of your lab coat. The EPA has registered the X-STATIC as safe along with the FDA. We are talking about a completely non-toxic & harsh chemical free lab coat here. So if you are planning on a new coat this is probably one of the first ones you'll want to take a look at.

We also have been updating our Port Authority apparel on ProGarmentUSA. Just in case you need a couple of shirts for those off days. Also keep your eye out for new outerwear jackets coming soon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Looking for these?

Also if any of you are looking for some apparel, try our other site:

You'll find great polos by Nike Golf, Port Authority, Red House & many other
brands. We also carry great Carhartt apparel for those of you who might
have some great winter plans. So go ahead and give ProGarment a browse.

Top Selling Coat

Welcome to Monday everybody! So far so good I hope.
You guys really loved the Fashion Seal 499 last month. We had to put in an extra order to make sure we have them on hand. We really appreciate every order, we will keep doing our best to bring you the best in Lab Coats and professional medical apparel.